What if a healthy body creates a healthy planet? 



when we nurture ourselves, we nurture the earth. 

Our bodies are made of the very same elements as the planet we live on. In a way, our bodies are the earth itself- and the earth we live on,  an extension of our body. What connects us is consciousness. The life force present in every molecule, every form,  and every element. 

 By choosing to care for the earth, we empower the lives of the beings on it.  By choosing to care for our bodies, we improve the earth itself. What wisdom does your body hold that you have not been acknowledging? Through deep listening, our spirits and bodies come into greater alignment with the earth we live on, providing a clear path for our life purpose.   

What if every choice we made was an opportunity to feed life on the planet?

What would you choose for you?





The Healing Journey

Ka La Lau.JPG

What happens when we choose to listen to our inner knowing?

What wisdom is unearthed and what sweetness is waiting to be remembered?

As spirit is tending to the sweetness in our lives, we tend to the otherworld with sweetness in return. Trusting at every turn that when something “doesn’t go right” it is an opportunity to let go. To look at the definitions we’ve grown comfortable with and what exactly is it holding them in place- what is the energy behind them? In these moments where we are tested, and asked to un-define ourselves, to un-define our minds, if we dig deep enough below all of it there is a reservoir of limitless sweetness. The honeyed earth calling our return. 

All  beings have the potential to know, receive, and be a greater consciousness. In modern times, many people spend their entire life searching for any grain of truth that feeds their sense of belonging. The divine comedy is such that, that very breadcrumb trail of truth may lead you down quite a different path than the one your mind may have originally considered. It may not look like “fitting in”. So, what if not belonging was the best thing that ever happened to you? What do you know about you, that nobody else can? What can you bring to this world, that is unique to you?

With in each of us is a seed. This seed is fed by the current of life.

By tending to that inner seed, we feed life and help it grow. 

We learn where it came from, and where it is trying to go.

We develop deeper and deeper understandings of our innate interconnectedness. 

Like woven thread dipped into the bucket of dye,

each new experience deepens the hue of our understanding.

This is the process of remembering.

When we can embody who we truly are,  we create a new reality.

We are given the gift of awareness that enriches life all around us.