As spirit is tending to the sweetness in our lives,

we tend to the otherworld with sweetness in return.

Trusting at every turn that when something “doesn’t go right” it is an opportunity to let go.

To look at the definitions we’ve grown comfortable with

and what bonds hold them in place- what is the energy behind them?

In these moments where we are tested, and asked to un-define ourselves, to un-define our minds,

if we dig deep enough below all of it, there is a reservoir of limitless sweetness.

The honeyed earth calling our return. 

How to work with me:


What wisdom does your body hold that you have not been acknowledging? Through deep listening, our spirit and our body comes into greater alignment with the earth we live on, providing a clear path for our life purpose.   

What if every choice we made was an opportunity to feed life on the planet?

What would you choose for you?


From the Nurtured Earth Blog: