• Reiki Level I& II

  • Reiki Master Teacher Level III

  • Access Bars® Facilitator


Aislinn Brooke Kerchaert 

 is an Intuitive psychic, Reiki Master and Access Consciousness®  Bars Facilitator.  Her journey began as a writer and performer, with a comprehensive fine arts training in acting at one of the top performance schools in the nation. Here she experienced deep transformation through a series of near death experiences that opened her connection to the otherworld in ways beyond what she’d ever imagined, and her undying interest in the mind/body/spirit connection was born. She went on to create several multi-disciplinary, genre-defying works exploring and empowering the Divine Feminine.

At the core of her love for theatre, was always a true love for ritual within a community. This lead her to her Louisiana where over the years she has practiced several bodywork and energy awareness systems, attended global gatherings aimed at raising consciousness on the planet, and has facilitated women's New & Full Moon circles in New Orleans.  She worked as an Intuitive reader at the historic Bottom of the Cup in New Orleans, which first opened in 1929. There she read tarot, tea leaves and palms for hundreds of travelers and locals alike seeking guidance from the other side.

She feels a deep connection to the nature spirits and entities of the earth, who through deep synchronicity, energetic communication and dreamwork have guided her along the path of healing. Through many forms of initiation,  they have cultivated her life as a storyteller and a healer. Together, their story continues to evolve through the stories she has lived with them. Her aim is to bring a sense of belonging and purpose into the lives of others by empowering their true abilities. This includes embracing innate awarenesses that have been left unregarded in the past, to cultivate and create from a future of joy, magic and limitless possibility!