Full Moon Deep Dive

Group Clearing scheduled for the Full Moon in Aquarius

Thursday, August 15th --- 5- 7pm Pacific Time


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With Malia Luna & Aislinn Kerchaert

Using the tools of Access Consciousness & Emotion Code to facilitate powerful clearing in a supportive circle.

It is my honor and a true delight to work with a group in this transformative way. This circle is for feminine-identified folx who are invested in creating lasting change in their lives, through dedication to deep clearing and healing on a regular basis. You are invited to drop in to a monthly group call where we will open with a vulnerability circle and group sharing. This transitions into a facilitated clearing session which utilizes powerful verbal clearing tools as well as guided awareness exercises to ground the body, Destroy and Uncreate all that no longer serves you in the life you are creating for yourself, and empowers your growth forward. Commonly addressed areas are entity-clearing, balancing and clearing collective blocks and traumas, ancestral healing and heightening subtle energy awarenesses.

There is often a tangible benefit to doing this type of clearing work in a group. When we come together in numbers, we increase the amount of space we are able to shift & clear for everybody else in the world. We come together to create a space of potential for the collective, as an invitation to greater communion with the earth.


  • join from a clear, calm & comfortable environment

  • a recording will be sent to you after the call

  • registration closes at 4pm PST July 16th

  • you will be emailed a link to the Zoom Conference by 4pm PST

    To reserve your spot, please go here and select Full Moon Deep Dive,

    payment is required to reserve your spot. Thank you!