Intuitive Counsel

30 Minute Tarot Reading · $65

60 Minute Tarot Reading · $100

90 Minute Tarot Reading · $140

Individual Deep Dive Clearing Process · $125


Tarot Readings

30 minute reading $65 · 60 minute reading $100 · 90 minute reading $140

The art of divination is an age-old process, used by our oldest ancestors to communicate with the realms of the ancients, and with divinity. Hence, divine-ation.

There are 22 cards that make up the Major Arcana in Tarot. These cards represent 22 Universal Archetypal personalities that all humans possess.

They characterize all of the vast array of human experiences, and speak to different times and lessons in our lives. The spread of cards become a puzzle that is unlocked by the reader. Through diving into the archetypal and elemental story components of the cards, a doorway to your own higher self is opened. A stream of connection is made to your guides, guardians and ancestors, through which supportive, life-affirming messages may come through. Readings are helpful during times of transition, big-life decisions, or simply to check in and realign with Spirit in a new way.  

I like to tell people that a Tarot reading is never going to tell you the “end all, be all” future. It is simply a portrayal of your own intuitive guidance at this moment in time. As the reader my job is to guide you into deeper understanding of the motivations and driving forces behind your life purpose. It can also be a very supportive process for identifying any blocks or limiting belief systems that may be creating imbalances in your life, or standing behind the challenges you are facing. It is a wonderful way to commune with your unique sense of self and encourage your life to blossom.


Individual Deep Dive Clearing Process

$125 · Approximately 1 hour

In these sessions we will use the tools of Access Consciousness and more to bring up and out into the space any energies that are keeping you stuck, dragging you down, or interfering with your sense of clarity and autonomy in the world.

Acknowledging what you know is a huge part of finding your sovereignty and giving your power back to you. Ultimately these tools are about bringing you into a space free of judgement, and full of clarity. These sessions can go many directions, depending on your concern, and and on what I intuitively receive as guidance from spirit.

In this session we will quickly get to the root of your concern, clear any energies “hiding beneath the surface” of this concern, and energetically ground you to land you safely in your space, empowered to move forward with heightened awareness. When your Physical Body is enabled to more fully embody your Energetic Body, your balance in power is restored. Often this means clearing energetic imprints or trapped emotions that keep you from being fully embodied. These longer sessions may include activations and clearings, along with Intuitive guidance from Spirit concerning your path.