“Naia” translates to “Flow”

Naia: Calling forth the Language of Light is a program dedicated to the cultivation and creation of the voice as an expression of the divine, specifically to our supportive Starseed ancestors. We are connected to these relatives through our starseed lineages. The memory in our bones is seeded with their streams of resonance. These Beings of Light wish to help humanity with the process of awakening and evolution on the planet, and they remind us that where body and spirit meet is where our medicine lies.

 For some, there is a place where their own voice, and the voice of spirit, merges. It is an expression that moves beyond words. It is an expression that calls forth the light, living inside the depths of your own voice,  using the magic of sound.

In this program, we go deep into that space, excavating any energetic systems that inhibit your beautiful, natural, and innate Vocal connection with Spirit. We will further ignite and bring to the surface the magic living within this space.


If you yearn to be in deeper communion with the elements, and to express the wisdom you sense living in and inherent to our mother earth, with the sound of your own voice, then this program is for you.

We find ourselves at a special and unique time on planet earth. This physical world we are meant to call home, may actually feel quite foreign to some.  There has been a clear divorce between body and earth,  and community and earth.  Many of us now know that we are being called to come together and rewrite that story.

We have to remember our home in her, and still there is so much of that innate connection missing from our lives. This is what we hope to address by coming together. We aim to invite the unique functionality of your awareness, and your voice, back into your reality. In this program we will be using powerful energetic tools to clear energies blocking the natural expression of your voice, as well as those that inhibit the collective power of the voice.

There will be one-on-one clearings focusing on the Throat, Heart and Crown chakras. There will also be group clearings addressing the collective traumas held in these spaces. All of this with the intention to create the space of a Sacred Council, where together each one of us will be invited to share light language, and our voices, with one another in a contained space. Sharing light language is one way we can help to awaken the collective memory of these starry realms that lie beyond, and simultaneously within, our physical world, using the power of sound.  

Sound has a function beyond the communication of logic or even beauty. Sound can be used with the intention of creation or destruction. Sound has moved literal mountains. Light language is light translated into sound. When you hear it, it activates the memory of the realms where Light and Sound are interconnected. We come together, acting as a council for the stars and a channel for the earth, to mend the function of sound as it is seen by our society.

The ancestry of your soul holds a unique key. Only it can unlock the medicine inherent in your bones. Through the understanding and acknowledging of these two ancestral lineages- Body and Soul, we will activate the connection you carry as an Intuitive Channel, messenger and Translator of these frequencies. 

For those who have already been speaking Light Language, this program will be a chance for you to share your expressions within a group and in the space of Sacred Council.  You will have the chance to release any shame or inhibition you have around sharing this gift with the world.

And for those who aren’t actively speaking Light Language but feel the desire and calling to do so, this program will be a system of support designed to activate and encourage the language of light to emerge from the deep wells of your being.   


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This Sacred Council is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to hear what it is Spirit wants to tell us in a group.

 These Beings of Light, from the Light Language realms, have been coming to me and asking that this space be created. They speak to me about gathering with the intention to  seek their counsel through being in council.


My guides have chosen the name "Naia" for this group program, which has multiple beautiful layers of meaning. Naia translates to "flow" in Latin and Hawaiian.  When spelled "Nai`a", it is the Hawaiian word for dolphin. (If you have felt a deep connection with the dolphins and whales, perhaps these languages are calling you.) In Greek Mythology, the Naiads are a type of female spirit, who act as guardians to the gateway of natural fresh water sources. They preside over springs, streams, wells, brooks and other small bodies of water. 


The sound of "Naia" itself, evokes the element of water and air. They wish for us to come together and create a greater flow of Spirit through our vocal channels. We are also being asked at this time to explore the connection between the elements and the use of sacred sound.

 It seems with this name that they are making a distinction, calling forth the element of water to assist in all the clearing work we will do together as a group for the earth. 


Spirit has given this name, so that we may see our voice as a direct stream, connected to the voices of our Ancient Ancestors of the Stars.

May their wisdom flow freely through us, springing from the well of our being!

With love & Gratitude,

Aislinn and Malia



What is Light Language?

We understand Light Language to be a sonic expression of pure light. It is pure light made transmissible by sound. These sounds bypass the conditioned and left-brain aspects of the mind and are received by the body as pure energetic transmission.

Light language can be activating, it can be a way to facilitate clearing and transmutation. Light Language seems to have many purposes and functions. We feel that the seeds of Light Language are alive in our cellular make-up, and that receiving Light Language can activate the memory of what is already within you, calling it forth. These star-seeds within are what connects us to our Star lineages, and the Beings of Light who reside in the Light Language realm.

Light Language is expressed through other mediums as well, such as visual/written symbols and design as well as through movement. In this program we will be focusing primarily on the expression of sound, although all expressions of light language are welcomed into the space.  

Program Schedule

Please stay tuned for updates on our next Group Intensive.

If you are interested in participating in a future session of Naia, please let us know!

The program will consist of four One-on-One personal clearing sessions with Aislinn & Malia, two Group Healing Sessions with Nila Velchoff guided by Seth Orion, and four Group Calls including our final meeting in Sacred Council.

Monday, June 3rd - - - Inspiration, Initiation & Opening Circle 6pm PST

Tuesday, June 4th - - - Group Healing Session with Nila Velchoff guided by Seth Orion at 6pm PST

Friday, June 7th - - - Community Call: Elemental Explorations at 6pm PST

Monday, June 10th - - - Group Healing Session with Nila Velchoff guided by Seth Orion at 5pm PST

Wednesday, June 12th - - - Clearing the Collective Voice at 6pm PST

Friday, June 14th - - - Community Call: Calling on our Lineages at 6pm PST

Monday, June 17th - - - Sacred Council & Closing Ceremony at 6pm PST

Everyone will be invited to share an elemental expression using their voice. This may be expressed as light language, sound poetry/story, sound healing, ancestral songs and sounds, and more. We honor that each one of us may be in a different part of our process with the development of light language.

Your Four Personal Clearing Sessions:

One Emotion Code session to Clear blockages in the Heart Center, and one to clear blockages in the Throat Chakra with Malia Luna, (both followed by an activation and approximately 1 hour each)

One Light Language Activation & One Balance in Power session with Aislinn (30 min & approximately 1 hour)

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Group calls will occur online in Zoom meetings and take place in the evenings, at 5 & 6pm PST. They will last approximately 1.5-2 hours. If you are unable to attend one of the group calls, you will have access to a replay that you can watch. Your one-on-one sessions will be scheduled separately, leading up to and throughout the duration of the program.

If you have any questions please email Aislinn at nurturedearthhealing@gmail.com



Meet Malia


Malia Luna is here in service to the awakening and restoration of the divine feminine. She is a ritual tattooist, Light Language channeler and works with the powerful energetic system of Emotion Code. She has also facilitated and created Sacred Vortex Restoration, a program to designed to ignite womb awakening and sacred sexual healing in the feminine. To learn more about Malia and her luminous offerings, please visit lunalightchannel.com


Meet Aislinn


Aislinn Kerchaert is an Intuitive Channel and diviner here to help create greater communion with the earth. She communicates with the Nature Spirits and beings of her Star Lineage Ancestry. She reads the Tarot and works with the tools of Access Consciousness & Talk to the Entities to facilitate deep clearings. She is also the creator of Nurtured Earth. If you are looking for more information on Aislinn’s background and spiritual path, you can find it here.


Nila Velchoff & Seth Orion


We have been so blessed to meet Nila & Seth in this life. Both Malia and myself have had the honor of working with them in deep, transformative healing sessions, and each one has been an incredible gift that moves far beyond what words can express. We are honored to have their contribution to this program. Their story is nothing short of miraculous, which I hope you will get to hear more about. In a sesison, Nila is guided by Seth Orion, who is now in the otherworld, and together they have helped so many people with deep energetic healing work as well as readings. Thank you, Seth & Nila, for joining us on this new adventure! - Aislinn



Registration Details

Exchange: $622 USD

A $100 Deposit will hold your place in the program, and a payment plan $130.50/month for 4 months is available.

Please inquire about our Justice & Equity exchange for those who identify as BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) / LGBTQ

For details on Registration, please email Aislinn at nurturedearthhealing@gmail.com