Poems for Strangers

Set an intention, pick a topic, make a request, and I will produce a poem for you and mail it through the post! 

Poems are a meaningful and timeless memento for a special moments in life. I have written poems to sanctify anniversaries, weddings, the living, the dead and the Great In-betweens. I also offer tarot readings that come with a customized poem based on your reading.  Was there anything I missed? Request it, and see what happens! 

Cost- Whatever you want to pay!*

 (Typically, on the street, patrons give $20 per poem. 

Typing the special request and then bringing it to the post office for mailing does require a little extra time on my part, so I like to ask folks to keep that in mind while making their contribution in exchange for a mail-to-order poem. )


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you can follow my journey and see more samples of my work at @theroamingpoem on Instagram

current location: astoria, oregon


Samples of My Work 

sisterly is the best way to be.JPG


living in today.PNG

Living in Today

in the inbetweens.JPG

In the Inbetweens