Reiki Level One

Initiation & Certification

2 day Immersion

Oct. 19th & 20th from 10 am - 4:30 pm

Yoga Gypsy Sally

Learn how you can work with Energy
to bring healing to all areas of your life!

2 Day Immersion

On the first day of class, we will cover the History & Origin of Reiki, how to do a self-treatment, and in-depth learning about the chakras. You will also receive your first Reiki Attunement.

On the second day, students will learn tools for Auric Cleansing & how to use energy medicine in all areas of their lives. This includes Reiki with plants, animals and the earth. Class will culminate with receiving inspirations and ideas for the cultivation & creation of of your own unique Reiki Practice

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Bringing the body into a state of receiving this universal life-force energy, promotes deep healing. “Reiki” is composed of two Japanese words- “Rei” which translates to “divine wisdom and spiritual essence”, and “Ki”- which means a “cosmic, universal life-force”. Together, Reiki means divinely guided life-force energy. This cosmic healing energy is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. A treatment feels very restorative, and many experience a sense of glowing radiance that flows through and around the body.

Receiving Reiki

Receiving Reiki is different for every person. During a session, the practitioner becomes a channel for a higher life force, which can be described as the pure energy of creation. Some may call this unconditional love, some call it Qi. This loving force is distributed throughout the body of the receiver, sometimes using light touch, and sometimes no touch at all. Both giver and receiver allow the Reiki energy to move through them and open to healing. I often include sound & toning to activate and move energy.  This transformative work can have a powerful effect on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. People report relief of stress, accelerated healing, relief of physical injury, emotional release, ease of sleep, and more. 

Topics Covered in Class

  • History & Origin

  • Self Treatment & the Chakras

  • Auric Cleansing & Tools for Energetic Hygiene

  • Reiki with Animals, Plants and the Earth

  • The Cultivation & Creation of Your Reiki Practice

Benefits  of Reiki

Stress Reduction

Ease with Sleep Difficulties

Calms the Mind

Relief of Pain 

Accelerated Healing of Physical Injury

Healing of Past Life Trauma 

Emotional Release 


20% Off Early Bird Registration by October 3rd*

$350 after October 3rd

or 3 monthly payments of $125

*Payment plans are available at a discounted rate for Early Bird registration as well. Please inquire.



Pay in Full

3 Month Payment Plan


Sliding Scale rates are available for students, seniors and those seeking financial support.

Please contact Aislinn at for more details.

On Reiki 

from the international center for reiki training

from the international center for reiki training

Several prominent medical centers provide reiki

Several prominent medical centers provide reiki