Receiving Reiki

Receiving Reiki is different for every person. During a session, the practitioner becomes a channel for a higher life force, which can be described as the pure energy of creation. Some may call this unconditional love, some call it Qi. This loving force is distributed throughout the body of the receiver, sometimes using light touch, and sometimes no touch at all. Both giver and receiver allow the Reiki energy to move through them and open to healing. I often include sound & toning to activate and move energy.  This transformative work can have a powerful effect on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. We will begin the session with a conversation and setting of intention. People report relief of stress, accelerated healing, relief of physical injury, emotional release, ease of sleep, and more. 

Your session will last approximately 2 hours. Treatment will be for 90 minutes, with time reserved before & after to set an intention and share your responses. 



Stress Reduction

Ease with Sleep Difficulties

Calms the Mind

Relief of Pain 

Accelerated Healing of Physical Injury

Healing of Past Life Trauma 

Emotional Release 



$60 for a 60 minute session

$90 for a 90 minute session  

Sliding scale can be an option, please inquire.



On Reiki 

from the international center for reiki training

from the international center for reiki training

Several prominent medical centers provide reiki

Several prominent medical centers provide reiki