Tarot Readings


30 Minute Reading - - - $65

This 5 card spread will look at the seed of your concern, and lay out a potential path of action for you. It points to any unseen influences in your current life- situation, and also gives clear advice encouraging you to move forward. This is the perfect reading for those who have a specific question and are seeking direct counsel from their guides. After looking at your primary concern, there will be space for 3 additional questions. Please give some thought and attention to what these questions are ahead of time, so we may gracefully move through the space created together. What is special about this reading is it gives your Spirit Guides, Guardians and Ancestors a chance to get to the point and communicate a clear and easy path forward. 


1 hour Reading - - - $125

10 Card Celtic-Cross Spread

This comprehensive 10 Card reading uses the Celtic Cross layout, allowing us to go deep into the subconscious forces that may be showing up as blocks in your life. Using powerful energetic clearing tools, along with direct messages from your Guides, Guardians and Ancestors, we are able to "uproot the weeds" of fear and "plant the seeds" to freedom! We look to your past for insight to your future. This reading brings you in touch with your own intuition, and can be helpful for minor to major life-adjustments. The Celtic Cross is designed to help you recognize your highest potential and create the greatest possibility for you and your path in life.


Deep Dive Healing Sessions


In these sessions we will use the tools of Access Consciousness Clearings and Talk to the Entities to bring up and out into the space any energies that are keeping you stuck, dragging you down, or interfering with your sense of clarity and autonomy in the world. Autonomy is your ability to be in awareness and control of the choices you are making for yourself, without judging yourself. The clearing statement used is a powerful way to get to the root of these energies and shift them. It works directly with the subconscious mind to unlock negative patterning. I use these verbal clearing tools and energetic processes in my own life on a daily basis, and I can say with confidence that they truly enable us to alchemize denser energies that may be collecting as shadow, fear, shame and/or doubt. Often these energies can be experienced as ghosts, un-transitioned ancestors or ancestral traumas alive in our being, and sometime they are even belonging to someone or something else that you've been aware of and haven't fully acknowledged. Acknowledging what you know is a huge part of finding your sovereignty and giving your power back to you. Ultimately these tools are about bringing you into a space free of judgement, and full of clarity. These sessions can go many directions, depending on your concern, and and on what I intuitively receive as guidance from spirit.


Deep Dive Healing & Clearing Session

1- 1.5 hours - - - $125

In this session we will quickly get to the root of your concern, clear any energies “hiding beneath the surface” of this concern, and energetically ground you to land you safely in your space, empowered to move forward with heightened awareness. When your Physical Body is enabled to more fully embody your Energetic Body, your balance in power is restored. Often this means clearing energetic imprints or trapped emotions that keep you from being fully embodied. These longer sessions may include activations and clearings, along with Intuitive guidance from Spirit concerning your path.


Aislinn works with the powerful tools of Access Consciousness Verbal Clearings & Talk to the Entities to clear away energies that inhibit your growth and clarity of direction.

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