I'm so happy I found Aislinn. I feel like we were brought together for a reason and our healing session together was beyond what I was expecting upon arrival. Aislinn offered me Access Bars as well as Reiki and in our 90 minutes together, I received so much healing and release of old ties that were no longer serving me; I left feeling lighter and more in tune with myself than I had in while. She helped calm the severe anxiety I was experiencing during my trip in New Orleans, but what I think was the most profound part of the session together was that I felt deeply seen, held and nurtured by her and her gifts. She felt like a kindred spirit, and I am very grateful that I got to work with her while I was in town. I can't recommend her more if you're looking for help along your healing journey.

— S. Ruedeman

My favorite thing about working with Aislinn is how seamlessly she can slip between realms. She can teach me about things that might seem super “far-out” coming from anyone else, but because she is so grounded and present with me I can really stretch to absorb new concepts. I’ve met a number of healers who feel “above” or away from the people they work with, but Aislinn is able to make incredible spiritual journeys and then come completely back down to earth to be with the people around her.

— C. Rau

Aislinn exudes kindness and love. The tarot card reading I had with her was such a great experience. It was very insightful and gave me the clarity I desired.

— Maylene R.

“Had a “Access Bars” session with practitioner (and sweet soul) Aislinn here in Astoria yesterday… It was amazing hour of relaxation and opening of consciousness. Here are a few experiences:

I see myself as a 3 year old having a talk with my mother… I went into a rapid reverse movie of my life, back from age 3, to 2, to 1 … back to my birth, then into her womb, before her going to the hospital to give birth, back to my conception, back to my decision to choose this family this life, and back to a gathering of guides having a discussion of my mission in this life. It was a grand movie!

The last point, the one during which I began talking to you [Aislinn], was a grand grand super light vision… It was an initiation ceremony, lots of joy, chants, love, light.

When you sang/chanted it was beautiful. I saw inside my brain, the living tissue and folds. And I could hear my thoughts interpreting what you were singing.

…I’d like to add a dream I had last night after our session: I was somewhere in space having a type of surgery but without cutting into my body. I had very old bones (dinosaur?) implanted into my head/skull. This seems perfectly natural and they will uphold my head/body well. I am very content. Meaning of this dream to me: I now am calling upon my ancient abilities (perhaps millenniums ago and maybe not even of this world) to give me support and structure to go forward with this life mission. It is an incredible gift. I am ready.”

— Mary L.

Having my bars run with Aislinn was a much needed and profound experience. It felt like a series of releases, an opportunity to move through long held dark places and let go of the tension there. Since having them run I have found a great decrease in my stress levels and a wonderful clarity of thought - it’s as though my mind was detoxed. Regardless of her method Aislinn is a true healer. Having work done with her is always an eye, mind, and heart opening experience that I’d highly recommend.

— E. Rydberg

I have had 3 sessions with Aislinn and every time I feel deeply relaxed and very grounded afterwards. As someone who also practices alternative healing work it puts me into the perfect state for working with other people in an open, receptive, and connected way.

— Jordan B.

I've had two Access Bars sessions with Aislinn and each time I found it to be restorative and healing. I appreciate that Aislinn takes time to talk through the process, sharing helpful info about the treatment, and asking about my goals for the session. Absolutely will be back!

— L. Foster